Shooting, Reading, and Libertarianism. What’s Going On With Ron.

Been a long time since I posted so I thought I’d mention a few things going on with me right now.

April 17th I’m teaching a glamour workshop at the studio. That means photographically I’m focused on planning that. The main model is Carley Erin and the other afternoon model is Skye Greene. I shot with Skye a few days ago prepping for the class.

I’ve decided to learn to shoot – guns this time – better this year. I planned to go out to Frontsight this spring and take the rifle course, but doesn’t look like that is going to happen. Hopefully in the fall. In the mean time I’m going to look for some training locally. I’m going to take the Advanced Pistol training offered by KRTraining on April 10th.

I’m also trying to get deeper in my understanding of Libertarian politics. So I’m listening to Libertarianism by David Boaz. I got the audio book version and I’m not sure that is the best bet for my absorbing what’s being said. I also want to read Anarchy, State, And Utopia by Robert Nozick.

Speaking of reading, I’ve decided to read all of the Liad book in chronological order from Crystal Soldier to I Dare. I just finished Conflict of Honors and am going to start Agent of Change. Not sure where I’ll but the parallel stories of Saltation and Fledgling. BTW you can get all of these books – including advanced reader copies – from Baen’s Webscriptions in digital form.

The biggest change going on right now is my day jobs offices have moved into Kingwood, the suburb I live in. That means I’m 10 minutes drive from home now. Woot! Does adversely effect audiobook listening though. I may start riding my bike though, so that would lengthen it back out.

Speaking of exercise, come next Monday I’m starting P90x, the killer infomercial marketed exercise program. Some of my co-workers and I are all going to do it at the same time. We decided to wait until the Monday after the move to let us recover from the move itself. Which is good because really blew out my back during the move. I decided to start the diet this week and have done well on it. I find using the iPhone App from to track my eating has really helped.

I’ll talk more about P90x as I really get into it. Here’s one tip – overall it is cheaper to by it from Amazon than direct from Beachbody. Especially if you have Amazon Prime and get free shipping.

Well now you know all kinds of things going on with me.