Why I Can’t Get Away From Amazon


If you’ve been reading this blog lately then you know I’m not happy with Amazon.com. So the obvious thing to do would be to stop dealing with them, but alas I just can’t. Here’s three reasons why…

I have a Kindle.

For the most part when I buy a book these day I buy it for my Kindle. I love the Kindle for all the reasons I talked about before. The problem is for the most part, you have to buy your books from Amazon. No one else is producing electronic books for it.

The glowing exception is Baen books, and lucky for me, most of the books I read are from Baen. That means I download from them anytime I can. Also they don’t offer their books via Amazon anyway.

I have Amazon Prime.

When a I do need a physical book, I can get it shipped to me for free because I’m an Amazon Prime user. You do pay a yearly fee for this but it has always worked out in the past. Now with the Kindle, it may need to be reconsidered, but I’m not the only one in the house who buys books.

This also makes moving to another bookstore more expensive because they don’t have the equivalent of Amazon Prime. B&N does seem to give free shipping on most orders, so that makes a difference.

Everyone else is more expensive.

I’m going to New Orleans for a weekend trip and wanted a physical book for the trip. I’m getting physical book because it is on photography and the Kindle just isn’t up to displaying that kind of graphics.

The book is The Hot Shoe Diaries. Here’s the pricing:

Store Cost
Amazon 23.99
B&N 28.79(online)/39.99(in Store)
Borders 39.99

The really shocking part to me was the $10 difference between online B&N and in the store. Borders isn’t even trying to compete.

It is possible these prices will go down because the book is brand new, but Amazon is using the lowest price from the get go.

So a much as I’d like to tell Amazon to stick it, it just doesn’t make sense. Maybe if I thought Amazon would feel some pain if my sales stopped coming, but they won’t even notice.