Star Trek is Awesome


Went to Star Trek last night and I have to say it was really, really good. The first 5 minutes is a whole movie in and of itself. I’m going to avoid spoilers, but I have to say some cool stuff.

The characters are all themselves reinterpreted by new actors. They are all a lot smarter, this is most obvious with Uhura, who is now a specialist in linguistics. Really she reminded me more of Hoshi on Enterprise as far as her job went. She’s also much more central to the plot.

Scotty is another example of a character smarter and more interesting. A lot of the interestingness of the new characters comes from their back story. Those back stories always pay tribute to TOS.

The production design was great. The look of the Enterprise interiors was very cool in places and industrial in others.

It did seem Star Fleet itself was a little less perfect than in previous episodes. The 4 on one fight scene was a little distrubing for Star Fleet cadets.

Ultimately the story was all about Spock and Kirk.

And they did something totally amazing that I can’t talk about. Arg!

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  1. Stu says:

    It was a good movie- It had alot more humor and and action that what i can remember from whenever the original series was on tv.

    Its already taken $73 million in America on its opening weekend. And it was a suprise to see a cameo from one of the original star trek members- who i wont say so i dont spoil it for anyone else

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