Valerie Whitaker & My AR-15

I bought a day after Barak Obama was elected president from Talon Arms and named it after Barak. I mentioned this in the past, but hadn’t posted any pictures. Well now I will.

I was scheduled the Sunday after I bought it shoot with nude model Valerie Whitaker, so I asked if I could bring the rifle. She said she’s shoot with anything I brought.

The problem with posting the images her is she’s naked. That is a problem right? I’ve avoided posting nude images on Reactuate because not everyone who reads it wants to see naked women. But here are two that have all the naughty bits covered.

Valerie Whitaker & AR-15 Valerie Whitaker & AR-15

If you don’t mind tasteful, artistic nudity and want to see the whole rifle – oh and all of Valerie – you can got to my other blog/website


  1. Mark@Sea says:

    Nice rifle, pretty lady. Good to see Rule 1 being observed.

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