Willing to Be Bad?


Internal conflict.

Anything worth doing, is worth doing well – Dad


Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly – Joachim DePosada

I have a real problem with #2. What it means is that you aren’t going to be really good the first time you do something. You’re going to have to work at it and produce lots of crap as practice before you’ll be able to be good. I know this is true, but I hate producing crap.

But I’ve done it in the past.

I was a crappy photographer my first shoot. My first computer programs were laughable.

But when it comes to film, I hate it not looking “professional”. I want to look like Steve Speilburg right out of the gate.

This came up because I’ve been putting off editing the video from Beauty and Brains. Mainly because I screwed up the audio. Also I don’t really like the color, but I know I can fix that. And I got one of the lights in the shot for two of the women. (The viewfinder doesn’t show you the whole frame).

I finally made myself work on it today. I fixed the color. Masked out the light. Audio still needs work, but I think that will be fine once I get the music added in.

But it is torture getting myself to work on it, because I know it won’t be great. And it is something that doesn’t just involve me. I’d hate to produce a video and have the girls be embarrassed to be in it, or feel it makes them look dumb or stupid.

The Daws Brothers once said you have 7 – 10 really bad movies in you. So start making movies so you can get them out. I need to have that attitude.