OMTL Day 24: Seeds


Today we talk about creating things that will last.

What item represents an enduring legacy to you? A family home? Your grandmother’s ring? Something else?

We don’t really have anything physical that are family heirlooms. There is a letter my father gave me when I turned 16 that his dad gave him. I don’t think I remember to give it to my son, but I don’t really trust him to keep it at this age.

What did you do this last week that will last for the rest of the year? for 10 years? for eternity? How much time do you spend each week reading God’s word compared to the time you spent reading the newspaper or watching TV?

Guess these blog posts will last for years. Other than that I can’t think of anything that will last for a long time.

Too little time with God’s word and way too much time with TV. I’ve been depressed and I always watch TV when I’m depressed, which doesn’t help.