SXSW -2 Days


WARNING: A very stream of conscientiousness post ahead.

Just two days till SXSW and I’m already suffering from information overload.

I’m a geek, OK. I program for a living. I have multiple websites. I blog. I surf the internet way too much.

But I’m not a big social geek. Wow, that doesn’t even seem to make sense. An oxymoron. Anyway what I mean is I’m not big on social networks and minute by minute services like Twitter. But these should be useful for SXSW so I’ve been looking at them.

I signed up for Twitter yesterday and it has been a total psychic mind sink. I’m trying to push myself out of the first stage of newbie Twitterite, where you post everything you do. Really I am.

It has also made me think I need to record and broadcast my SXSW experience. I need to take a video camera or a regular camera and twitter and flickr and viddle everything I can. But part of me want to go minimal. I don’t want to have to carry around a computer, which I’d have to do in order to upload video or pictures. A video camera would probably make me want accessories, like a tripod and mics. Even my camera will make me want multiple flashes.

So now I’m trying to decide.

I’d be more inclined to take a computer if it was smaller than my 17″. And I don’t think my 17″ can even handle sucking in HDV video. Of course I don’t have an HDV camera, which for some reason I thought I did. Doh. I’m pretty sure it can handle my DV camera.

OK, so I can get the video in for upload, but that is a real time process. So if I were to volunteer to record a panel for instance that would be an hour of recording. But then it would take an hour to suck it into my computer. Then maybe do a little editing, and uploading would take I don’t know how long. Oh, and don’t forget the encoding. If I was at home I’d use my Quadcore Mac Pro, but on the road it would be my PPC laptop. I just don’t see how I could do “live” SXSW video. Maybe I could record and do the upload etc after the show.

Now if I just take my SLR and take pictures, those are easy to handle. But I don’t want to carry around both a big camera and a camcorder.

Arrg. Too many decisions!