OMTL Day 21: Mulligan

Not being a fan of golf, I’m glad this metaphor wasn’t too heavy. The subject was integrity, which he defined as being the same person in all aspects of your life.

In what areas of life are you more likely to cut corners or put aside your values? Relational? Financial? Spiritual? What part of your life is most challenging to integrate to the other parts?

The part I’m most likely to compromise in and that is hardest to integrate is my photography. In someways I think my images of pretty scantily clad women are fine. The celebrate beauty. They build the subjects self-esteem. On the other hand, they are at least partially intended to sexually arouse, which I’m not always comfortable with.

When is it hard to keep your word? To whom?

You know I don’t really lie much. I’d rather just not say anything that lie about it.