OMTL Day 20: Earthquake

Today we’re reading about what is the center, the foundation of your life? Is it the rock of God, or something else?

What does your life revolve around right now? In what ways has that center sustained you? In what ways has it left you open to the tremors of life?

My life is centered on this study. Centered on my goal of being a filmmaker. Centered on taking care of my wife and kids.

This study has helped me so much to keep my focus daily on God. Matter of fact I’m already thinking of another book structured like this one – The Purpose Driven Life – to do when this one finishes. Not many days left.

My goal of being a filmmaker has been a wild emotional ride. When things are going well, I feel well. When things don’t go well, or take time, I’m in the depths. Some of that is true of my relationships as well.