OMTL Day 22: Road Signs

This chapter is about miracles in your life. It is based on the story of Elisha and the window in 2 Kings 4.

How difficult is it for you to admit your needs? What are the three greatest needs in your life right now?

When I first read this question I thought it didn’t apply to me. I can share my needs, but do I? If I don’t then there is something keeping me from sharing my needs. I know I don’t share them sometimes because I don’t want to be a bother. This is a pretty common response in American culture, but it is at least partially based on fear of rejection or appearing needy.

I need to figure out how to have a real relationship with my sons. I feel like I’m distant to them and I don’t really know how to relate.

I need to find someone to go to SXSW with, or hook up with there. I can and will do it on my own, but I know it would be more fun with someone else. I just don’t know any other filmmakers going.

I need to lose weight. I crossed 220 today. The highest I’ve weight in at least 5 years. I did realize I am probably putting on some muscle. I’ve been running for the last week and doing intervals, which I know is building muscle in my legs. But 220 is just too high, and my belly is big, which is the exactly worst place you can hold weight.

Those are my needs and to some extent I can’t overcome them on my own. I either have no control, insufficient knowledge, or insufficient motivation.

What’s the difference between making a U-turn as the widow did and being an optimist? How is seeking God’s perspective different than simply looking for a silver lining?

From God’s perspective things may still not be good or happy. There may be suffering. But there is purpose and meaning in all things. I’m not sure that is the silver lining.

One thing from this section of the reading is that God started with what she had, the oil. What does God want to start with that I have? What am I ignoring in my needs, that God could work through?