Something a Little More Chipper

OK, I’m trying to keep from starting a me blog, but I haven’t had much to say lately. I did sell the RX-8 Monday, and that was sad. But I’ve been driving my truck most of the time so I don’t really miss it.

The big thing that has been consuming my time is an apologetics class I’m teaching.

I volunteered to teach the High School class at my church this summer. I’m teaching them about being a thinking Christian and a having a reasoned defense of the gospel. I’m also planning on recording it and making it available as a podcast. Unfortunately last Sunday, during the first lesson, we had technical difficulties and weren’t able to record the lecture and PowerPoint. We think we’ve got it figured out and will be trying again this weekend. Actually my friend and technical assistant are going to go try it out on Thursday night. Probably we’ll go through the whole lesson again, so it will be in the podcast.

When I get it working I’ll post a link to the podcast and you can at least hear me.