Sad Day


Today I woke up sad. Part of that was I came out of a sad dream I don’t really remember, but part of it was because today I’m selling my RX-8. I need to get out of the payment and an opportunity came up for me to do that. So I just drove to my last lunch in my sports car. Tomorrow it will be all truck all the time.

Also my family is leaving me for a week. They’re taking an educational trip to the northeast and I’m staying home and working.


  1. Gary says:

    Too bad, maybe you’ll get another RX again, some day. I’ve had an ’84, ’86 &’87. My daily driver is now a Prius, which is a fantastic vehicle and just take the ‘8 out for drives in the mountains prepping for track days (MazFest in July). Fwiw, ICs cars will rapidly get replaced by plug-in hybrids, so you’re gonna haveta get used to the new mindset sooner or later. If my ‘8 lasts another 5 years, I’ll probably “hybridize” it, maybe with a pair of electric motors providing the rotary with some much needed torque assist, plus get a 50% MPG increase. It’s such a fine handling car that I doubt there will be much to match it in the next 15-20 years, so it might be worth it! Best of luck to you.

  2. Linoge says:

    Sorry to hear that you had to sell your 8… About the only thing that would separate me from my 3 is a MazdaSpeed 3, so I can definitely understand (of course, my only other means of locomotion is a bicycle, so that factors in too). Hopefully you will get the chance to replace it with something similar in the future… some of Mazda’s concepts look very, very nice.

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