Life Update

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, and when I have posted they are things of little depth. I promise to get back to something more interesting soon.

The main reason I haven’t posted is I normally post during the day at work. But my work machine is really slow. Or at least it seems really slow after getting my new machine at home. Plus I’m trying to wean myself off my powerbook at work, which means I do a lot of stuff on my main machine in addition to development. May be too much for my 768Mz iMac with 750 MB of RAM. The good news is I’m getting one of the new Intel iMacs in the very near future.

One problem I have is how to keep my stuff I do at work in sync with my MacPro at home. Email is the biggest pain and what I’ve ended up doing is using VNC to connect to the home machine and check mail there. No syncing needed. But there are some files I like to take back and forth. So I got a 2GB USB flash drive. The problem is I keep forgeting it, either at work or home. I’m thinking maybe my .Mac iDisk may be a better way to go.

Yesterday I spent sometime between compiles writing a Ruby script to take an OMPL export of my blog subscriptions in NetNewsWire/NewsGator and making them into HTML for my blogroll at the left. The only bad thing is NewsGator insists on putting folders in alphabetical order, which is not the order I have them in NNW. But the blogroll is updated after a long time.

The Goth Swimsuit Calendar is almost there. The new website should go public this weekend. It’ll have a bunch of pictures from the calendar and information on all the models. Layout should be done in the next week and we plan to send it to the printer a week from Monday.

So that’s a life update. More depth in the future.