Advice to the Ladies


Sex does not lead to a relationship.

It has come to my attention recently that some women believe if they have sex with a guy it will lead to him having a relationship (you know like boyfriend/girlfriend) with them. But it don’t work that way. A guy will have sex with you even if he doesn’t want to be around you, or even talk to you. Especially if you are remotely attractive.

And the sex you have in these instances won’t be good. The guy is just masturbating and you are the substitute for his right hand.

If you want to have a relationship with a guy, don’t have sex with him. Find common ground. Find stuff you both like to do and to talk about. Build on that.

Relationships lead to sex, not the other way around. Personally I think relationships should lead to marriage and then to sex, but in the post fornication-is-sin world we live in, marriage isn’t the only gateway to sex. So once you have a relationship with a guy, then you can consider having sex with him.

Ron’s love advice for today.