Do I Have a Blog?


Guess I do. I’m sure my readers are thinking I don’t. You’d expect as busy as I’ve been I’d have lots to blog about, but it doesn’t seem so.

My wife is doing better. She had a bit of a set back and we went to the doctor on Tuesday. He said she had inflammation on one side and gave her antibiotics. She says she’s much better now. Better enough to do too much. She did climb the stairs last night so she could watch TV for the first time in 2 weeks.

The Goth Swimsuit Calendar is coming along slowly. I’ve got 2 shoots scheduled for sure in July. I’ve got 3 more kind of scheduled for the long 4th of July weekend. I’m spending way too much time on MySpace lately, but some people are much easier to reach if you contact them through MySpace.

I’ve decided to shoot every model in two or three scenes for the months so that I can pick the best. Does mean there will be some overlap of a few concepts.

So that is what’s up with me. Next a rant post.