Stressed Out


I’m so stressed out I’m probably going to get sick in the next couple of days. I have to find a better mental strategy for dealing with conflict. Not so much what I do in the conflict as what I do in my head. I go over it and over it. I had to tell a model for the calendar that I couldn’t use her under her conditions and I’ve been literally re-saying the words I used over and over in my head ever since. What is the point of that? None. And I have a tendancy to do the same thing before I say things. I go over and over conversations in my brain as ahead of time.

Anyway it is very stressing. This calendar is a lot more stress than I expected. Most of the stress isn’t on the photography part. Considering I’ve done very little of the photography lets hope it isn’t more stressful.

But on the good news side Angela Ryan(probably NWS) has agreed to be in the calendar. We are close to setting a date for the goth swimsuit show we are going to do at Houston’s Havok next month. I’ve got at least 6 models gung ho to be in the calendar. Seraphemera has had a major retail outlet’s paper buyer request samples of their stuff. And I’ve got a 4 day weekend beginning of July to start shooting.

We have two designers who are going to work with us to do swimsuits for the calendar as well.

The Mrs is doing much better. We went out for a drive night before last which is the first time she’s been out of the house. We go into the Dr this afternoon to get her catheter taken out.

I need to focus more on the positive. Maybe I should make a list and when I start stressing read it.