Triathalon Time Again?


So it is time to sign up for this years Intergalactic Triathalon which is July 9th. I want to add exercise to my diet but I’m way out of shape. Of course I wasn’t in great shape last time when I started.


  • It gets you in great shape.
  • It is cool to say you ran a triathlon.
  • You get to do more than one thing.
  • Having an event really focuses your exercise program.


  • I said I wasn’t going to do it again with out a new bike and I really can’t afford a new bike.
  • I didn’t really do all that well last time.
  • There is the expense of signing up.
  • I’d need a pool to train in, which last time meant I had to join the Y. Another thing I can’t afford right now. On the other hand the swim really isn’t that important. If I trained lightly for it I’d probably still be okay.
  • Training takes a lot of time.

Now I’ve listed the pros and cons and still don’t have a clear answer.