I Spent Sunday in Azeroth


I’m totally addicted. Friday night I was up till 2 AM playing World of Warcraft. Sunday afternoon I played at least 5 hours straight. And I’d cram in short stays in that fantasy world every chance I get.

I’m exhausted right now and I am going over to another photographers house tonight to talk about three of us renting a studio downtown. Not sure I’m even safe to drive – thank God for Red Bull – much less make financial decisions.

For those of you who know enough to care, I’ve got a 17th level Night Elf Druid (Fors) and a 12th level Dwarf Hunter (Rccnra) with a level 9 Crag Boar pet. I’m playing on the Aggramar server if you are in the game.

I’m playing a hunter because I wanted a guy who could use a gun. I thought gnome warriors could so I made one of those and named it CCNRA – Card Carrying NRA. But found when I got to level 8 I wasn’t ever going to get a gun. So I made a new character and named it Rccnra – Real Card Carrying NRA.