Back Pain and No Computer


On Monday morning I couldn’t get out of bed or stand up straight. My chiropractor was taking three days of spring break off. I thought it would go away if I just laid down for a day, but alas it didn’t. I called and got an appointment with a local chiropractor and missed another day of work on Tuesday. I felt good enough today I came into work, though I’m still in pain.

Apple still has my powerbook. I called yesterday and told them to send it back un-fixed. I really want to before I leave this weekend for the premier of The Best of The Best 2 in Atlanta. Talked to Apple this morning and it should ship out today. And it may be fixed.

I got a new printer in the mail yesterday but didn’t unpack it because I didn’t have my computer. I’ll probably go ahead and unpack it tonight because I want to get my print portfolio full for the weekend and I’m going to be busy Thursday evening.

Since I haven’t been on the computer much this week, I haven’t found a new blog. Need to do that to keep my commitment.