Bone Church


Friday night the Mrs and I went to Churrasco’s – home of the greatest steak in the world – for dinner and then to Shelli’s goth night club, Bone Church. It was fun. We are two white bread, middle class, middle age people, and Bone Church isn’t targeting our demographic. But it was fun.

I think people have this idea that Goth’s are really strange. You couldn’t have a conversation with them strange. But they don’t know any one who is Goth. I found them to be personable and interesting. And funny.

I went there to take pictures and you can see them here (Bone Church Album).

Shelli as always looked great in her Goth Ballerina outfit. I also like the image of Dana I took on the steps. Got some really funny stuff with three girls. Don’t ever tell a goth chick you are absolutely NOT taking pictures in the bathroom. The is normally followed by you being dragged into a stall while they posing over a toilet.

Don’t ask me why. And remember it wasn’t my idea. But the light was great.

PHOTO TECHNICAL NOTES: I bought a cord that allowed me to have the flash off the camera. Which let me get flash from the side for some interesting lighting. Or from way up high. But getting exposure right was a challenge. And focusing was very hit and mix. When I’d look the viewfinder I could tell where people were, but not if they were in focus. And the camera was very confused and missed in its focus often.