Models Pfft.


Well I ended up with three shoots scheduled this weekend again. Two of them were going to be the first ones in my pregnancy shoots. Both of those canceled.


I was really looking forward to those shoots. I hoped to get some good samples of what I wanted to accomplish so I could use them to recruit more pregnant models. But now I’m out of luck.

At least tried and true Shelli hasn’t backed out on me.


  1. Shelli says:

    Ron, I meant to tell you…somethings come up, I, uhhhh…my millipede died…and…i need to wash my hair…and my car, it broke just now…

    haha, just kidding I’ll be there!

    Too bad I can’t help you in the pregnant model department. hehe

  2. Suzi says:

    Now I know you are disappointed, but…

    Model one is puking her guts out. While that is relevant to pregnancy, it’s not going to get you the pretty pictures you are wanting.

    And Model Two was a “can we do this?” “Let me check.” She checked and she can’t. Now, if she schedules a shoot and doesn’t show, then we’ll know she’s flaking on you.

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