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Went to ImageingUSA this weekend and came back with a new camera. My wife said she knew I was going to get it before we went, but I really thought I might not. But Fuji was offering this free stuff and setting the price on the S3 at all of their vendors at the show. So I bought a new “Fujifilm FinePix S3. It’s great and I can’t wait to shoot with it.

What you’ve had it for almost 24 hours and haven’t shot with it!? True. It runs on NiCad batteries and they had to be charged up before I could shoot with it. Which wasn’t finished till this morning. And I have this pesky day job.

But tonight.

Also got the chance to have dinner with Sam Lewis from and Also there was Xotica, who’s going to shoot with me next time she’s in Houston.

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