Xmas List

Sony HDR-FX1. I can dream can’t I.

2 Wireless Lavaliere microphones. Can be gotten at Radio Shack.

A Katana. Preferably with a simple black handle. This would be a prop, so it doesn’t have to have be expensive, but it shouldn’t look cheesy. For example, no Highlander molded plastic dragon handled swords.

New special addition Sin City DVD. Make sure it is the one with the ten minute film school on it.

Final Cut Express HD

Another Alien Bee 800 strobe.

A clapper board You know those things in the movies that they write the scene and take on and then clap at the beginning of the film? Do you know why they use those thing? It provided a visual and auditory sync point. If you are recording your sound separate from you visuals. When the clapper closes in the visuals is where the spike on the audio is. Line those two up and everything after should be in sync.

A Lens Cleaning Pen

Basic and Intermediate Handgun Training Saw these classes advertised at the range last night. It would be good to get some real training.