My HDR-FX1 Hands On


Went by Fry’s at lunch and the had the camera. You could even pick it up and mess with it. Which it was obvious a lot of people had done. It kept turning itself of and on every few seconds. There was no battery and I think the power connection was flaky.

Still couldn’t tell what picture quality was like, but the controls were nice. They are placed, and even duplicated, where you hand would be if you are holding it.

The thing is heavy. I played with it for maybe 10 minutes holding it in my left hand, which was resting on a ledge. But I could tell you’d get tired doing that for every long. A tripod is going to be a necessity.

Seemed to handle low light in the distance fine, but that wasn’t a really good test.

Still want one. I really want to rent/borrow one in Houston first for a real world shoot. But I haven’t found one here yet.

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