Rewrite #1


In addition to going to the Apple Store and looking at software and cameras, I also went to the book store and bought “The Guerilla Film Makers Movie Blueprint” by Chris Jones, Jonathan Newman, Cara Williams. Then I came home and decided to go through the script and adding more shot and acting direction. I ended up doing a full rewrite. I added a lot more specific shots.

I took out a “hidden” scene to lower the locations. I had a scene where one of the character walks up to the front of a house, checks the mail, walks in the front door, goes into the kitchen, gets something out of the refrigerator, reads mail, gets jumped from behind. I changed it to person comes to front door, opens door, gets jumped from behind. No interior scene at all. No mail box. Tighter.

There are a number of other smaller changes that will make shooting simpler without messing with the story. I put some of the character’s motivation in the script for the actors. Described more in depth what the characters look like and dress like.

I also exported the script out of Final Draft demo into RTF, then into Word. Took quite a bit of formating fixing, but all the style information was there in the RTF. I just didn’t plan on spending $250 for Final Draft. I’m going to make a generic script stationary for Word at some point to user for future scripts.

Not what I had planned to do last night, but a lot of really good progress. I’ll do the break down tonight or tommorrow. I also plan on confirming two of my leads tommorrow and maybe recruiting another character. If I do that and hear back on CAR GUY, I’ll have my whole cast.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll also have a shooting schedule made up and agreed on by the cast.

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