Software and Camera


Last night I planned to go through the script and make a list of all the props and locations I needed. But I ended up going to the Apple Store in the Woodlands after work. I looked at Final Cut and Final Cut Express, and they had a Sony HDR-FX1.

There isn’t much to say about the camera because it was on a tripod in an awkward location and, though I messed with it, I couldn’t get anything to change on the display. I probably needed to get it out of automatic mode, but couldn’t figure out how. I know where the manual is online, so I should read it before I go back.

One of the things I know about this production is I’m going to want more than 2 tracks off sound. Last time I used iMovie there were only 2 tracks. So I figure I’m going to have to go up a level for editing. I don’t know anything about either Final Cut product, but I was able to add tracks to Express. Pro was very confusing, just too much to take in at once. So I’ll probably go with Final Cut Express for editing the movie. I have Apple’s ProCare and they say I can get free one on one training in their products, so maybe I should ask for a session on doing HD production.

I need to do some research on sound equipment for the shoot. I’m going to need to record some sound separate from the camera sound. Folley and ambient stuff. I don’t even have a cassette deck.

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