Weekend Movie Progress


Made some progress this weekend on the movie. I sent out the new draft to cast, though I haven’t heard back from them. At lunch on Friday I went through the script and highlighted the props. Then Saturday I entered them all into VoodooPad, so I have a complete prop list.

Sunday I got back to working and wrote out my shot list. There are 84 shots listed, including optional ones. This isn’t the full number because a couple are repeated in the beginning and ending sequence, but not listed again. But under 100 shots.

A note/thought on shooting ratios. I always thought this was how many mistakes do you make. If you have to shoot a shot multiple times because actors flub the line, or someone walks across the background or the sound gets screwed up. But while writing my shot list I also noticed you sometimes plan to shoot more than one shot of a scene. Like I’m shooting a couple of scenes wide and then shooting medium shots and then close ups. So for somethings I’m planning a 3 to one ratio. It will be interesting to see what my ratio ends up being based on time.

I found a couple of places in Austin that rent the Sony HDV-FX1 and sent them email this morning about how shipping time effects rental time. My biggest expense will probably be the camera rental, but I really want to shoot this in HD.

To day I went to talk to a co-worker that I knew was a musician about scoring the film. He said he could probably do it and even offered to come out a record sound with his sound board. I’m not sure I need that, but it would be interesting.

I also looked at microphones this weekend and decided I’ll probably by 2 lavaliere mics from Radio Shack to record all the dialog. Not sure what I’ll use for the other sounds, but that will be recorded in post.

All in all good progress. Right now I’m thinking I’ll either shoot this weekend, or New Years weekend.

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