So I ran away.

Took us 20 hours to get to my folks house in North Arkansas, which normally takes about 10. 4 hours of that was my fault. I decided to try and get tricky and go east a little ways and then north, avoiding the main artery of 59. What I didn’t think of was that was prime route out of Port Arthur and points east. So I decided to follow this convoy of school busses that had a police escort and a little road that wasn’t on my map. Well it turns out they were heading for a 59. So we ended up back at 59 about 20 miles north of where we started. Probably would have made better time just on 59.

That was midnight to 4AM on Thursday night. At 9AM we were about 30 miles north of that at Livingston. We saw a little road on the map and took it east. It was very curvy and 2 lanes, but had no traffic on it. Eventually we ended up at 190 and cut over to 69. Once on 69 it was clean sailing up east Texas to Texarkana and on to my folks.

If you had told me I would be able to stay up with only cat naps in the car for over 36 hours I would have doubted you. But that’s what happen Wednesday and Thursday. I got up for work at 7 or 8 AM worked all day, packed up, got on the road at Midnight and drove till 9 PM the next day. And Wednesday at work wasn’t a normal sit and program day either. It was batton down the hatches, move everything to interior rooms day.

One story I have to tell. About 9 AM after we got of 59, we had the window down so the dog could get some air. A wasp flew in the car. It landed on a pillow the dog was on in my wife’s lap and she caught it in the pillow. I looked for somewhere to pull over and there was a little dirt drive way to a house. So I pulled in there. Up on the hill was a house and there was an older man in front of it doing something. He headed towards my wife who was shaking the pillow out. The dog has also gotten out with her. I thought he was going to get on to us about dumping things in his yard. But as he got closer he asked if we wanted to water the dog. We went up and they gave the dog some water. They asked if we wanted to come in for something to eat, but we said we’d just eaten. The man’s wife came out and gave us a little tupaware container of water to take with us and that served as the dog’s bowl for the rest of the trip. Just good East Texas folk. Didn’t get the woman’s name but the man was Daniel Patrick.

And the one thing I’m going to buy that we didn’t have and needed….a good map of East Texas. The Oklahoma and Texas maps we have are both the same size, but the Texas map covers 4 times the area. We need a map of just east Texas.

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