More Comics

I’ve never been much a comic book reader. When I was a kid I read them some, but never really got into them as an adult. And that’s probably for the best because I don’t need another interest. But its creeping up on me.

After FireFly was cancelled and there was no Whedon on TV, I needed a fix, so I started reading the Astonishing X-Men, which he was writing. I even told the local comic book store to set me up a subscription. I just needed to remember to go by a pick them up.

Didn’t go by that store very often for two reasons. First I’m not into comic books, so I don’t have a reason to. And second I found I don’t like to read just one issue. There is too little of the story there. So I let them build up and then go get them all at once.

I was there this weekend to pick up my X-Men and was browsing a little. Guess what? There’s a Serenity comic out. So I bought those two issues. I also know there is an Angel series out too, and I want to know what happen after the end of the series. I asked the guy about it and he said they were sold out. So I signed up for a subscription to both Angel and Serenity. And I hit ebay for the first two issues of Angel: The Curse. Both should go in the mail to me in a day or so.

Does anyone know of a website that will tell me when a new issue of a comic comes out? I’d like to know when to go by and pick mine up. Email notification would be excellent, but and RSS feed would do.

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