Going Full Time

Not me, Jason Kottle.

One of the things in life I’m finding frustrating right now is that I can’t work on the plethora of web ideas I have full time. I told the Mrs that if I had a year I could probably replace my salary. But I don’t have a year.

The thing that really interests me about Kottle is his site is a personal blog. Its not about any one thing. I has a design tilt, but includes personal stuff, photography and movie reviews. I wonder sometimes why Reactuate isn’t more popular. Not focused is my main thought. But Kottle.org isn’t focused either. But he was able to find enough people to give him $30 to go for a year.

I was curious to see how much was enough for a year, didn’t seem to find it. Found and article graphing how the fund raising went. And he didn’t want his full salary, only 1/3 of it. Also made me curious if he was paying taxes on the donations? I’m sure the IRS would consider them income, which would mean he’d have to pay almost half. And what about health insurance?

One of the things I learned from “Rich Dad, Poor Dad was an exact formula for how much you needed to make to retire. I’d have a long way to go to make that after taxes on my own.

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