Jessica Hixon Video And Me

If you’ve been reading the blog for a long time you’ll know in May I went to the Best of the Best 2 photography competition. The competition is being made into a reality TV show on Mav TV, and they just released a bunch of videos for some of the models.

The most important video released today was that of Jessica Hixon because I’m the photographer in it. The shots of her dirty in the white t-shirt were actually Mike’s winning images, but I shot her in front of this big medallion and that’s me with my hat on backwards.

Other models whom I’m not in their videos:

Alexandra’s Video

Breanne’s Video

Gelecia’s Video

Jessica Byrd’s Video

The only other one I might be was Renee’s, but that hasn’t been posted yet.

And some general promos for the show.

Video 1 Clip Here – windows media format
Video 2 Clip Here – windows media format

I’m in the first one for a micro second and the second one for a little bit at the beginning.

And I never wear my baseball hats backwards..EXCEPT when holding a camera vertical in front of my face.

UPDATE: The image of Gelecia at the end of her video is mine. That’s funny because I considered all my images of her to be horrible. The sun went away and I was forced to use the only flash I had, the popup on my D70. But they used it. Just goes to show….something.

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