Edited My First Wikipedia Page

I edited my first Wikipedia page today, and strangely enough it was for Jason David Frank, the white Power Ranger.

And why of all the pages in user edited online encyclopedia did I pick that one? Its Fark’s fault.

I hadn’t been to Fark in a long time, but I thought my wacky Japanese section could use an update and Fark always seemed to have strange stories out of Japan and they were mostly from one news source, so I thought I’d go find one. So I go to Fark and scan the headlines and there is one about a former Power Ranger being tried for murder. Now I knew Jason Frank had recently moved into the area and I was curious which Power Ranger it was. But I didn’t know the actor who played the white ranger’s name so I looked it up on IMDB and then did a web search.

Turns out the murder guy wasn’t a power ranger, merely a walk on actor in a few episodes. But Frank’s wikipedia entry said he lived in LA. I did a little searching and found an article talking about his Jason David Frank’s school in Atascocita and decided to change somethings in the wikipedia entry. I grabbed martial arts bio from his Rising Sun Academy website and added it on the end of the entry. Then I contacted the reporter on the story to see if he was really in Texas since the website had a California address. This morning I got a response from the reporter and changed the beginning part to reflect where he lived.

Editing Wikipedia was very easy after you got some of the syntax down. I’m like a real journalist now. Did research. Contacted sources. Wrote and article. Or at least what real journalists are suppose to be. Maybe I should go do an interview too.

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