Step 1: Creating a Domain

This entry is from my series: Starting A Blog Using WordPress and Dreamhost.

If you signed up via Dreamhost and got your domain through them this step is done. If not or if you are creating a new blog on a Dreamhost account follow along.

When you create a domain on DH two thing happen. You domain is entered into their nameserver so the rest of the world will find it and a folder is created in you account directory.

I’m going to create a subdomain off my empty domain. A subdomain is the thing in front of a domain. Normally you expect this to be www, but you can make it anything. When I started my photography site, I made a subdomain of reactuate called photo. So if you enter into your browser you’ll go to the photo site.

For’s blog I’m just going to create the sub domain blog. So my blog’s url will be “”

Step 1: Got to the Add Domain pane of the Dreamhost Panel.

At the bottom of this panel you’ll see a field to enter the domain or subdomain you want to add. Enter the full domain, as shown, but no http or anythings that are URLs. Just the domain/subdomain.

Step 2: Pick a Plan

Once you do that you will be asked what plan to add it to. I’ve only got once choice and if you’ve got more than that you probably don’t need this tutorial. Click the radio button and click “Continue”.

Step 3: Setup Domain Hosting

This is the part that creates the folder for your stuff. That is if you pick the default settings, which is what we are going to do.

The only thing you might want to change is the Web Directory name. I’m just leaving is standard, but you could pick something shorter. If you are going to only have one blog something shorter would probably be nice. But I have a lot of domains and they should just look like their domains name.

That’s it for your domain set up. As the final page tells you it might take a couple of days for your domain to start showing up. Subdomains are a little faster, but it will still take hours.

You can spend the time you are waiting thinking about what your first post will be. Or writing your biography for your about me page.

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