10 Best Shows


Via countertop: Jeff Jarvis asks us to list our 10 favorite TV shows, and why. Mine are going to be mostly SF.

  1. Star Trek
  2. These have been some of my favorite shows most of my life.

  3. Farscape
  4. Wonderful characters, incredible sets and effects. Story lines that blew your mind.

  5. FireFly
  6. Short lived and dark, but great characters and awesome dialog.

  7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  8. I don’t know why but I really related to this show came to care about the characters. Plus the writers were masters of dialog. Angel, the spin off was good to.

  9. Babylon 5
  10. A seven year story arch. The knew what he was doing from day one. If you watch the first few episodes after seeing the last season you see foreshadowing in them.

  11. The 6 Million Dollar Man
  12. My favorite show as a kid.

  13. Miami Vice
  14. Defined cool in my middle years.

  15. The Cosby Show
  16. A classic sitcom, funny, real and clean.

  17. M.A.S.H
  18. From hilarious to touching, an American icon of TV.

  19. I Love Lucy
  20. I still can’t help watching when I come on it in black and white.

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