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Got an interesting email today from Netflix:

Dear Ron,

As someone who enjoyed Dinner for Five: Season 1, we thought you’d like to know that IFC has three new comedies premiering August 19 at 10pm EST. As a Netflix subscriber, you can get a special sneak preview right now.

This time around, IFC’s “TV Uncut” lineup of original series includes “Hopeless Pictures,” an animated comedy from the mind of Bob Balaban that follows a self-absorbed indie mogul’s struggles to keep his dysfunctional studio afloat; the return of “Greg the Bunny,” starring puppet duo Greg and Warren the Ape (who originally entertained audiences on Fox before finding a new home at IFC); and “The Festival,” a mockumentary series about a naïve director making his film debut at M.U.F.F. (the Mountain United Film Festival). The sneak preview DVD features the first episode of all three shows, adding up to one deranged hour of IFC.

Enjoy the show,

Your Friends at Netflix

There was a link to add IFC TV Uncut: New Season Sneak Preview to my que. It’s interesting on a number of levels.

First it was only sent to people who rented Dinner For Five. My office mate didn’t get it.

Second, it is a DVD preview of show on TV. That’s kind of cool. Really none of these interest me, but I thought it was king of cool to get it.

I do like “Dinner for Five – Season 1” and have it TIVOed. It is cool to here actors/directors talk about their work and the business.

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  1. Becky says:

    Netflix sends members targeted emails, depending on what they rent, all the time. I got one about new Netflix Firsts (DVDs exclusive to Netflix).

    Your sneak preview disc has the same content as the IFC preview offered to select Tivo subscribers.

  2. Ron says:

    Thanks Becky. This is the first one I’ve ever gotten.

    Now if they’d offered me an anime sampler, I’d have been all over it.

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