Broken Blogs


I dutifully add the 10Shows tag to my post on the 10 best TV shows and then decided to go and look at some other people’s lists. I wanted to comment on them and found that to be a challenge.

I’m Angry agrees with me on Firefly and Farscape. He uses WordPress, but his blog think I’m logged in and doesn’t give me the standard comment ability. So I couldn’t leave a comment telling him how smart he was. I also almost included the Shield in my list. It is the only show I can’t help but watch, but don’t enjoy. It isn’t a fun show.

And I consider it broken to have to create a blogger account complete with statistic inflating blog on Blogger to post a comment. How many of your readers think the same thing? No wonder you don’t get any comments. (This isn’t directed to Angry).

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  1. angryb says:

    Actually, the comments are turned on, I just moderate them. Your comment has been accepted and now shows up.

    As for your show list, I’m definately a fan of B5, though I don’t worship it like so many others. I love me some Buffy & Angel, but they just seemed a little too obvious for the list. I wanted to give a little love to some underappreciated shows. I admit a fondness for Lucy as well. I spent many an afternoon watching double strips of I Love Lucy on the local UHF station back in the day.

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