No Robots with Breast?

I don’t agree with this guy, but he’s funny in making the case against robots with breasts. It is especially interesting in light of just finishing Chobits last night, which is really about robot replacements for real women.

Why weren’t there male persecoms?

And the author has a list of the good and the bad from Japan

Japan, I thank you for giving me the Playstation, Trinitron TV sets, Final Fantasy, Takeshi’s Castle, Pocky, sashimi and the lovely Nanako Matsushima.

I can forgive you spawning cosplay, Pokemon, and knee-high schoolgirl socks with ridiculously short skirts on obese schoolgirls. I can even forgive karaoke.

I of course am not against cosplay and even intend to stay up after midnight tomorrow for the photo op of a scantily clad cosplay competition.

Hammering In My Head from the album “Version 2.0” by Garbage

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