Name That Police State

There is a long article, linked to at the end of this post, about a well known country that is a staunch friend of the US. But looking at these statements you have to wonder why. In twice-a-year visit, officers fill out Residence Information Cards about who lives where and which family member to contact…

Japanese Flood Control System

While the Japanese have some of the strangest TV on the planet, they are engineering marvels. Check out these pictures of the flood control system in Tokyo.

Algorithm March

Algorithm March is a wacky Japanese things, that looks really stupid for the first half of the video, and then is actually kind of cool. Once they add the ninjas.

Japan Strippers and Blood Types

Ever wonder what it is like to an American stripping in Japan? Did you know blood types are like the Zodiac in Japan? They supposedly tell you what your personality is. Technorati Tags: Strippers, Japan

Japanese YouTube Videos

My wacky japanese category hasn’t had an entry in a long time, so here’s a few videos from YouTube. Bouncing boob commercial. The truth about exported Japanese culture. This can’t be a safe way to run a subway. Lipstick Ad

Japanese Fuji Film Commercial

Baby Movie Many moons ago I worked in a one hour photo development place in Indiana. A Japanese company built a car plant there and there were a lot of Japanese that came over as it was being set up. The guy who ran the plant traveled with his family a lot, and his wife…

Japanese Treatment For Insanity

My eldest son came up with this one: “Apparently the Japanese treatment for insanity is to give the patient their own game show.”

Ochibicon Scantily Cosplay Pictures

Told you there would be pictures. Pictures I took at the O-Chibicon 2005 Scantily Clad Cosplay contest are now on Flickr. They are at the end of the set. Technorati Tags: anime, Cosplay, costumes, O-Chibicon