Anime: Neon Genesis, Real Bout High School

After spending time at an amime con and watching one series all the way through, I’m not kind of into it. Yesterday I finished the “Neon Genesis Evangelion” disk I had from NetFlix and wanted more. I’d Tivo subscribed to an Anime show called Full Metal Alchemy, but it hadn’t recorded anything yet. So after…

O-Chibicon 2005

Spent a big chunk of yesterday at O-Chibicon 2005 here in Houston. I went Friday night just before midnight to take pictures of the scantily clad cosplay competition. There weren’t a lot of cosplayers there, but it was interesting. The most scantily clad person was the MC, Jacqi, And yes there are pictures. Photography aside:…

No Robots with Breast?

I don’t agree with this guy, but he’s funny in making the case against robots with breasts. It is especially interesting in light of just finishing Chobits last night, which is really about robot replacements for real women. Why weren’t there male persecoms? And the author has a list of the good and the bad…


Why I’m not getting anything done. Since I’m going to the anime con this weekend I decided I needed to watch some Anime. Actually it started before than when I was going to shoot these two cosplay girls. And I used their list to put some anime in my Netfix que. “Chobits – Persocom (Vol….

Wacky Japanese Kids

I think I need a category for crazy things Japanese people do. This “blog” by a black American teaching Middle School in Japan would definitely be in the top of the list. The entry about Japanese 12 years old trying to grab is package and stick their fingers up his butt is truly out there.


Babs writes about her self in third person, which is actually a very interesting way for a blogger to write. At least it is different. Right now Babs is in Japan. Her writing style and those wacky Japanese are more than worth the read.

All your base

One of the great internet fads, All Your Base Are Belong To Us, flash animation of poorly translated Japanese.