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I like MarsEdit and have been using it for all my posting for a while now. But one thing I really wanted was to make posting amazon links easier. So I went looking for info on how to do that. In my googlian journey I found this post comparing MarsEdit and Ecto.

If you’ve been reading this blog for its whole three years you know I used to use ecto back when it was kung-log. But stop when they started charging for it.

This first difference you notice is ecto isn’t as pretty.

The second thing is you can do a lot more a lot easier with it.

The thing that has made me check it out was the Amazon link tool. I edited the Chobits entry and it was trivial to add the link via the tool.

First thing I don’t like is the keyboard short cuts for HTML tags. I’ve learned to use Cmd-Opt-P to insert a end paragraph tag followed by a begin paragraph tag between paragraphs. But in ecto that sent the post to the blog. Which is why this entry was posted prematurely. I set it to control-command-p. Then I had to set bold and italic to control-command-b and i.

And one feature I still missed from Kung-Log is auto entry of the currently playing song in iTunes.

Another thing I haven’t figured out yet, is if there is a category placeholder in the preview template. I updated it to use what I used in MarsEdit, basically my site’s CSS, but it doesn’t show the categories in the right place.

Also in this edit I learned the HTML editor takes out the end/begin paragraph tags I put in.

Never, Never Gonna Give You Up from the album “All Time Greatest Hits” by Barry White
Wicked Ways from the album “Version 2.0” by Garbage

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