Triathlon Results

I imported the results list into Excel and was able to sort it a number of ways.

The results weren’t very encouraging.

Out of 330 people who finished, I was 328th.

Swim: 298

Bike: 329

Run: 326

Maybe I need to train harder next time.

I need to run faster, and now that I’m done with the tri, I’m going to start training for at least a 1/2 marathon. So learning to run faster is top of the list.

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  1. Ray Toler says:

    You know… I’d say that for a first triathalon attempt, especially when you don’t start until your 40s, simply finishing is one hell of an accomplishment. Heck, I’d say that just starting one in the first place is an accomplishment.

    Your rankings may improve, but don’t short-sell this win for yourself!

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