Morning Adventure

With my Triathlon only 10 days away I decided I needed to run a little faster and a little longer. So I would run by time and not distance. Since I was running by time I didn’t have to run any particular course.

So I got lost.

Real lost. I ended up running next to this creek, which wasn’t too bad because it was near houses. Then I saw these cool looking trails. After running down them, dodging spider webs and limbs, they came to an end. Not back at civilization. So I had to turn around and go back the distance I’d already come.

Of course this is taking way longer than expected. I know the Mrs is worrying and I’m seriously hungry.

But then things really get adventurous. When I get back to the stream I decide to cross it and take a greenbelt near it. When I cross the stream I smell smoke. Looking around and following my nose I find a log on fire. This is in a wooded area that backs on to houses.

There is lots of trash around and I find a 2 liter bottle and fill it from the stream and pour it on the log. This puts out the flames, but I don’t think the fire is really out.

So I walk back for about 30 minutes. Now I’m officially late for work and I’m still not sure where I am, where I was or how to get there. I find a familiar street and head back.

I’m met about a 1/4 mile from home by my teary eyed wife. We walk home and I get some breakfast. While eating I get out a map and figure out where I was.

The I try to find the local fire station’s phone number. But that isn’t in the phone book. I figure I’m going to have to explain where this is and that would be better served talking to people who will actually be there. Since that’s not allowed, I call 911.

First they mumble something asking me which kind of help I need. I can’t understand so I assume they want my emergency. But no they want to transfer me to police or ambulance. I ask for fire. They transfer me to the fire department.

Then they want the cross street for the location of the fire. Luckily I have the map in front of me. So I find the nearest cross street and explain it isn’t near that crossing. I can tell she’s writing down what I tell her.

After getting off the phone, leaving them my cell, I’m ready to go to work. When I get to the nearest major street I see a fire truck go by. I figure it’s going to my fire so I followed it. Then I was able to walk them to the fire.

So that was my adventure that got me to work and hour late.