Women I want to Shoot

(Better make sure this post isn’t under the Guns category.)

Despite what the provocative title may sound like, I’m not talking about specific models either. As always, “I’ve got images in my head, and I want to get them into my camera and portfolio.” Right now there are a couple of images that aren’t even full blown concepts but things I’d like to shoot.

One I need a lean, short haired model. Seeing Nikki Vega via livejournal’s darkpinup community – where Shelli posted some of my shots of her – reminded me of this one.

I’d love to shoot Nikki, she has a great look. I also love the directness of her MM profile description. But alas she is in LA.

A local model that fits is Brandy, but she isn’t into TFP.

Well, I thought I’d put that out there incase any models fitting the profile might see it.

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