Crazy shoot idea of the day


I was browsing models and decided I wanted to look at models interested in shooting swim suit. I’m going to be competing in Cancun shooting swim suit and thought it might be good to get some practice.

One of the models that came up was kind of goth. Pale skin, back hair, tattoos. And that’s when the idea hit me.

Cemetery swimsuit. Golden hour, bikini, tomb stones.

Hey I don’t know where this stuff comes from, but it would original. At least I’ve never seen anyone else do it.

UPDATE: So I put cemetery in to Yahoo yellow pages and got a list of cemetery related things and got a great variation on this. But I need a place that carves tombstones. How about a calendar for tombstone carvers. You’d have a monthly picture of a scantily clad female, carving a tombstone.

You could get a sponsorship deal from a tombstone manufacturer and I’d bet there is a big secondary market in the goth-o-sphere.