Friday Five Late


My friend Stephanie came up with her own Friday Five last week and I need to take a shot at it.

Your life is going to be made into a movie! What genre (horror, sci-fi, farce, comedy, drama, etc.) do you want it to be?

While I’d love for it to be sci-fi, it would probably be a romantic comedy.

Who would you want to write the screenplay? Who would you pick as the director?John Hughes would do both. He’s great at capturing the everyday man’s experience. Of course if I wanted it to get really interesting I’d pick Charlie Kaufman.

And the really important question – who do you want playing you? How about your spouse/significant other/best friend? Any other obvious casting choices for people in your life?

Bruce Willis. We have the same amount of hair and coolness. Julianne Moore for the Mrs. Beautiful redhead.

What song do you want playing during your first appearance onscreen?

How about Coming Back by The Crystal Method.

What’s the tag line, blurb, or whatever on the movie poster?

Better than he deserved.