Zone 1 Bike Ride


Today was the first bike ride in my training. It was a 40 minute Zone 1 ride. This was the first time I ever rode with a heart rate monitor.

It’s funny how when you use a HR monitor when running you are seeking a slower pace to stay in the zone. With a bike it is just the opposite. You need to pedal more to get up into the zone. I found I actually rode in a lower gear, so I had to pedal more.

My average speed was about 11 MPH. I rode 8.5 miles total. 40:41 time. Average HR 131. 33:12 in zone. 5:06 above range, 2:23 below.

So I did spend more time above than I thought. Mostly on hills or speeding back up to pace after slowing to miss dogs.

Just for fun when I got to the end I decided to transition and run around the local pool. Everyone is right, your legs feel real funny. I may walk the first part of the run in the triathlon.