Heart Rate Calculation


I was talking to a co-worker who used to be a personal trainer about how my run seemed really slow and told him how I was calculating my target heart rate. He had another formula that I like better.

((220 – Age – RHR) * %) + RHR.

RHR is true resting heart rate. This is your heart rate first thing in the morning when you wake up.

% is the percent of your max you are targeting. So if I’m doing zone 1 with is 50%-60% it would be .5 and .6.

I didn’t check my hear rate this morning, but I have done it when watching my Thyroid and it was around 68.

So Zone 1 ends up being between 124 and 135.2. Which is what I was running this morning. I tried to keep it between 120 and 130. Average was 126.