Painful Run


Well mostly it was painful afterwards. So I ran 2.5 again last night. It was raining yesterday morning, so I skipped running. Normally skipping a day wouldn’t matter because I could go Thrusday/Saturday. But I’m going to be shooting at the Excaliber Faire this weekend and won’t be able to run. So I needed to run on Friday, which means if I didn’t run Wednesday I wasn’t going to be running.

So when it cleared up Wednesday afternoon I knew I’d run that night. I got home, rode to the track and started running.

It was harder from the beginning. I think mornings are better. I tried running the track in a different direction because one of the running books I read said you need to switch back and forth in direction. I did find after awhile the inside leg started to hurt. So I ended up changing directions three times.

But by the time I’d gone 2 miles my calves were killing me. But I kept on. And now I’m sore.

Did beat my Monday time. By nine seconds. 31:12.

I’ll be running again in the morning.