Text Wrangler


So I’ve been incorporating the Getting Things Done methodology into my life. As part of that you have to keep a lot of text lists. So if you keep them on the computer, which I do quite a bit, you have to use a text editor. Originally I used TextEdit which comes with MacOS, but there were too many windows. So I mentioned it to my office mate and he said the freeware little brother of BBEdit, TextWrangler, had a drawer allowing you to have multiple documents open in one window. Which is just what I needed.

I use and old version of BBEdit, like version 5, to do web stuff because it has decent html tools, and does this open from FTP server thing. Well TextWranger has the open from ftp as well. Matter of fact it seems to have everything I use BBEdit for except the html tools.

So if you need a Mac text editor, check out TextWrangler. Now to go remove the, “Blog about TextWrangler” item in my to do list.