Wanting To Do

Recently it has occurred to me that I desire to make a career out of making something I enjoy consuming. I came to this because cooking actually seems to contradict this trend.

But lets do a little self examination and see what I mean.

Movie Director. I still toy with the idea of film school. I recently asked for information from the New York Film Academy. This was even more focused when I was in High School. I wanted to make teen movies like John Hughes but with a Christian themes.

Church Leader. Whenever I’m feeling especially in touch with God, I find I want to be a full-time minister. When I’m going to a good church, this becomes very true.

Chiropractor. When my back goes out and these guys help me, I often toy with the thought of becoming one.

Personal Trainer. When I was on BFL and making real gains this was a thought.

Glamour Photographer. I love images of beautiful women, especially when they have a theme. I’d love to spend all my time creating elaborate fantasy set and taking pictures in them.

Computer Programmer. I loved computers when I was in High School and taught myself to program. Now I do it full time and have for almost 15 years.

But cooking was different. I dream about getting training as professional chef, but not because I love really good food. While I like good food, it isn’t that big of a deal. Cooking just seemed and interesting thing to do, so I tried it. Then I got lots of positive feedback.

So why am I still a computer programmer? Because it’s the one that makes the most money. That seems a little sad to say. And that being the prime motivation takes a lot of the joy out of it.